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PDX Group Houses is a means for group/communal houses in the Portland, OR area to have a dedicated web presense outside of Facebook. Currently, this is setup to support general information about your house such as what values you have, where you’re located, who lives there, etc.

Eventually, it would be interesting to have some additional information around:

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So you want a group house website? Awesome. To get started, email the site administrator about getting onboarded.

The things I’m going to ask you for:

  1. What subdomain do you want? aka What’s your house name?
  2. What is your SSH public key?

If you don’t know what a public key is or how to get one, please contact me and I’ll help set you up. :)

For others, the process looks like:

# Generate your public key, if you don't already have one.
$ ssh-keygen

# Get your public key, and send this to the admin
$ cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

# Once you get confirmation that it's setup, get a copy of your website
# NOTE: topbottom will be different if you're part of a different house. 
# Instructions should be in the response from the admin.
$ git clone topbottom@pdxgrouphouses.org:/src/git/topbottom

# Go into the directory that made
$ cd topbottom

# Build it for the first time
$ make

# You should be able to see the website here:
$ open public/index.html